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Outsmart The SeasonsStruXure's Pergola X gives you control over your outdoor space year-round.

Contractor in Crestwood, KY

The same innovative StruXure products, now with more control than ever before.

Through building and maintaining relationships with our valued customers over the years, we began to see a real need. We saw clients contract with third-party electricians to install lights and shades which, by drilling, could potentially compromise the integrity of the Pergola X it was being installed into. So, we got to thinking: what if we could develop a system that fully integrated all of this, and more, into the existing framework that makes up our signature product?

Our patent-pending TraX™ system, through its unique design, can hold the components and wiring for screens and lighting, both of which are safely separated within the TraX™ channels. This can be installed at the time of purchase, or later down the road. Its simple installation is as easy as removing the TraX™ Cap, running the components through the appropriate channels, and replacing the cap. It will appear as though the accessories were there all along.

We’ve tried to think of everything with the TraX™ System, but have also left room for future, yet-to-be-developed accessories, so that your Pergola X is always capable of being updated with the latest and greatest. As always, our commitment is to stay on the cutting edge to provide maximum comfort and control to outdoor spaces.

Maximum control, unparalleled customization.


Say hello to the world's smartest pergola.

The Pergola X is the modern day pergola that has the technology to open, close, pivot, and slide depending on your needs. The Pergola X comes in 4 models:

  • Pivot 6
  • Pivot 6 XL
  • Pivot 6 Slide
  • Pan 6

From residential to commercial uses, from small patios to larger outdoor spaces, we’ve got you covered.

Your backyard destination.

We want to help make your outdoor space the best part of your home, a place that beckons you to spend time in it—resting playing, dining, and entertaining—every day. These three models are our most popular among homeowners.

  • Pivot 6
  • Pivot 6 Slide
  • Pan 6

Expand your greatest asset.

The Pergola X helps businesses expand, by optimizing the property they already own. Adding a pivoting-louver system over outdoor seating—a durable system that can fully close, and is operated using smart technology—means more revenue and greater comfort for patrons, rain or shine.

  • Pivot 6 XL
  • Pivot 6 Slide
  • Pan 6

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